A DOROST Training Session

45º, windy, light drizzle

This session was conducted by the trainer for the A Dorost team. There were 17 players, including 2 goalkeepers. The players took the field before the coach, carrying the equipment to the pitch and immediately started to warm themselves up with passing and moving with 6 or 7 balls across half the field. The warm up was serious with very little stoppage or talking, except to ask for a ball. When the coaches arrived the assistant trainer took the goalkeepers to work with them and the coach divided the remaining 15 players into groups of three.

Warm up using groups of three

A. 3 man weave - players performed a three man weave across ½ the field. The formation of the players was tight and passes were played with one touch.

B. Juggling - each group was asked to keep the ball in the air. First they worked with feet only and then with the head only.

C. Passing - Each group of players organized themselves in a line spaced about 12 yards apart, with the players on the end facing each other. There was one ball per group. The player in the middle faced the player with the ball. The ball was played into him. He turned with one touch and then passed the ball to the opposite player on his next touch. Players performed for 30 seconds and then switched. This rotation was repeated several times through.


D. Inside of foot volleys - Using the same set up as C, but with a ball on each end player, the player in the middle received a thrown ball and volleyed it back with the inside of the foot, turned and received the next and repeated for a 30 second rotation. In this exercise the emphasis of the coach was again on speed of play and accuracy suffered, with many players having to chase down mishit balls.

E. Heading - Using the same set up as D, the ball was served in to be returned with the head. The serves were designed to get the player up into the air to hit the ball. Problems with accuracy continued, though the coach was satisfied with the pace.

Circuit Training

Seven stations were set up for the players to work at. The players paired up and worked each station for 20 seconds, then rested as their partner worked. After two work sessions per player, the groups rotated stations.

Station A - 5 gates ranging in height from 18 to 24 inches were lined up in a row with no more than a yard between each. Players did high knee jumps straight over the gates and back, bringing their knees up toward their chest.

Station B - Two cones placed 20 yards apart. Player did speed dribbling from one cone to the other and back for duration of work period.

Station C - Player does abdominal crunches with feet held up off the ground.

Station D - Single Gate about 24 inches high. Player does high knee jumps side to side over the gate.

Station E - 6 flag poles placed 2 yards apart, player does dribbling weave through cones and back.

Station F - 14 hurdles about 9 - 12 inches off ground, placed close together. Player runs over and back lifting feet high to clear the hurdle.

Station G - Two cones 15 yards apart. Player does shuttle run from cone to cone for duration of work period.

The team made three rounds through the circuits. Between each round the team did light jogging and static stretching and took good rest periods.

Field Training

8v8+GK on half field. 8 attack goal with GK and other eight attack a small 3 yard goal, which does not have a keeper. This was played for about 15 minutes and then was changed to 8v6+GK.


The players were not given any touch restrictions, but played rather quickly. Players worked very quickly to free a teammate into space. Once free, the player quickly pushed the ball forward. The teams seemed to be looking for opportunities to finish off of either low driven balls which were played backwards or were sent in diagonally to players making hard diagonal runs toward the center of the goal. The players often demonstrated good use of one touch passing in tight areas to unbalance the defense and free a teammate to play forward.