Scott Placek's Team of the Decade


Honoring the best players, at their levels, that I have had the privilege of coaching.
Thanks to all of you, and your teammates, for the memories and experiences that have made me a better coach.

Position Player Team
Forward Erik Lohla TYSA Bandits (U12)
Forward Brian Musselwhite Auburn Jr. High
Forward Tyler Mattingly TYSA Apollo (U14)
Midfield Jimmy McNulty TYSA Apollo (U14)
Midfield Rich Hulsey Auburn Jr. High
Midfield Leslie Whatley Auburn Jr. High
Midfield Travis Caudill TYSA Bandits (U12)
Midfield Matt Higgins TYSA Apollo (U14)
Defender Matt Huneau Auburn Jr. High
Defender Chan Brown TYSA
Defender Will Hinton TYSA Bandits (U12)
Defender Ross Sandlin TYSA Apollo (U14)
Goalkeeper Brian Wiles TYSA Apollo (U14)
Goalkeeper Matt Placek TYSA Bandits (U12)
Assistant Coach Bill Treutel Auburn Jr. High

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