3/15/00 A Zaci (1985) Training Session

A Záci (1985)

The A Záci squad is trained by a young former player whose career was ended by injury. He was assisted by Roman Vlk and the assistant trainer. The session lasted 80 minutes. 17 players were present including two goalkeepers.

The first five minutes, the players warmed up on their own, primarily with juggling and dribbling. There was very little stoppage or talking going on. If a ball got away, the player hurried to get it back and start warming up again.


For the next 10 minutes, the trainer put the team through a directed warmup, with the team moving across the width of the field in a line. Each player had a ball which was incorporated into the warmup, including some exercises where the ball was handled, for variety. Between exercises, dynamic stretching was used.

Technical Work - Speed and Accuracy

The next segment of the training involved relay races for three teams of five. (The goalkeepers were working with the club trainer at this point).

Each team of 5 was lined up behind a cone, with another cone placed 15 - 20 yards away.

Diagram Ex. A

Ex. B

Circuit Training

Next the three teams were put into three stations for circuit training that lasted about 10 minutes at each station before the groups rotated. One trainer worked each station.

Station 1 - Passing

This station for the first five minutes featured the players facing each other in single file lines at cones 20 yards apart. The starting player passed the ball down to the other player and SPRINTED to the other line. Players had one touch to receive and were expected to play the pass on the next touch. The passes were solid and accurate for the most part. The players worked very hard, taking the admonition to sprint to the other line very seriously.


Ex. CAfter five minutes, the trainer added two cones in front of each of the end cones. The end cone became the point of a triangle. The base of the triangle was about 4 yards wide, and the end cones about 3 yards at an angle from the point. The starting player was expected to pass the ball between the base cones to a player stepping inside the triangle to receive. The receiving player was then to take a first touch that put the ball outside the base cones and play the pass into the base on the opposite side. Again, players sprinted to the other side after passing. Technique and accuracy broke down a bit over this demand. (Ex. C)

Station 2 - Shooting

Goalkeepers rotated into this station. The trainer set up three flags in a single file line starting about 20 yards from goal and spaced apart by about 2 yards. The players started about 10 yards from the flag, dribbled in a weave through the flags and took their shots immediately on clearing the flag with whichever foot the ball was on.

Station 3 - Small sided game

The teams played a 3v2 keepaway game without touch limitations. When the defenders were pressing most of the game was 1 and 2 touch. If the defenders tired or laid off on the pressure, the attacking group would slow the play down and hold the ball, forcing the defenders to come to them.


The session ended with an unrestricted scrimmage game between squad members. The total session lasted 80 minutes.

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