Youth Soccer Training and
Development in the Czech Republic

This page contains links to my journal compiled during my trip to Teplice, Czech Republic. From March 14 - March 22, 2000, I visited FK Teplice, a professional club in the Czech Gambrinus Liga (1st Division). The purpose of my visit was to observe the training methods and philosophies that form the basis for youth soccer development in the Czech Republic. During my visit, I was hosted by Mgr. Roman Vlk, the director of the FK Teplice youht teams, and a fully qualified coach with the Czech F.A..

Mr. Vlk and FK Teplice were most helpful during my visit. I was able to attend training sessions for many of the youth teams and spent time individually with Mr. Vlk to discuss training philosophy and structures for youth teams in the Czech Republic. The observations in this journal are my intrepretations of the things I saw. I have tried to record the training sessions precisely as they occurred. Observations of what went well and where there were deficiencies are mostly my own. In the instances that I have indicated instruction from trainers, it is possible that something was lost in the translation. If so, the errors are entirely mine. Please note that due to deficiencies in available fonts for my HTML editors, I have had to take some liberties with geographical names.

I wish to thank Roman Vlk and the staff of FK Teplice for hosting me and providing me unfettered access to the teams and training sessions. I could not have wished for a better experience, or nicer people to meet. Outside of the soccer business, I also pass on my thanks and best wishes to the many people I met who took time to buy "the American" a drink or share a moment of time. It is a wonderful country. If you have ever considered visiting, I highly recommend it. In addition, I wish the convey my gratitude to the staff at the Hotel Prince De Ligne, in Teplice. The Hotel Prince is a 4 star property, and deservedly so. The staff was professional, courteous and always helpful. The restaurants are terrific and the price beyond reasonable. A final thank you is owed to Marcela Kourkova and Jiri Vlk, Czech natives now living in Austin, Texas who were my language teachers in the months preceding my trip. Their patience and ability gave me the confidence and knowledge to navigate my way around the language. Thanks.

Index and Links to Journal

Introduction and The Trip
Select Match for 1985 Players
Structure of The Youth Professional Development Program
3/14/00 - A Dorost (1981/82)Training Session
3/15/00 - A Zaci (1985) Training Session
3/18/00 - Scrimmage between A Dorost and B Men's Team
Photo Album
Summary and Conclusions

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